Winter Months – Flooring Care

One of the biggest problems for facilities managers during the winter months is maintaining floors – linoleum, tile and Terrazzo floors, and carpets throughout the facilities. Concerned for their employees, building owners over-use sodium chloride (ice melt) in entrance areas and parking lots. Without proper care, snow, ice and these chemicals get tracked into the building and destroy the floors and carpets.

What can you do to help maintain floors?  Here’s what Carnation Cleaning does . . . During the winter we wash and wax floors monthly for most of our clients. Safety concerns ultimately outweigh the cost of this intense cleaning process.  Generally, by March, we can return to our quarterly wash and wax process.  We use a 25% solid commercial grade wax (most store waxes are only 3% solid! ). This 25% solid wax is high-gloss, has a wet look, non-skid finish and will take a beating and still look great!

The other area that takes a beating during the winter months is carpeting throughout the building. Usually, the ice melt gets crushed deep into the carpet to where the carpet fibers meet the backing and there, as it deteriorates, it weakens the bond between the carpet and the backing.  Therefore, once every two months, the carpets should be cleaned as well.

Carnation’s  cleaning approach leads to total control of the cleaning environment and a sense of confidence for our clients.  Call us today at 1-973-984-2547 or 973-714-9854  for a no obligation quote of all your flooring and maintenance needs or visit our website at

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