Winter Indoor Plant Care

No, it’s not quite Winter yet, but it is time to start thinking about how to take care of your office in the Winter months.  Yes, it is a different set of concerns and priorities.  In this issue of the Carnation Cleaning BLOG we’ll address indoor plant care.  visit our website for more information on all our office cleaning and maintenance services.

Indoor plants handle the Winter months better than we humans do – they sleep through it!! There are a few things to keep in mind during your indoor plants Winter slumber.

1. Don’t feed the Plants!  Yes, that’s right.  How would you feel if you were sound asleep and someone tried to jam a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich in your mouth (not happy and a bit messy?).  As a rule of (green) thumb, wait until your outdoor plants start to awaken and then follow the instructions on your plant food container.  What you can and should do is give your plants a nice sponge bath.  Clean the top and bottom sides of the leaves with just a damp paper towel.  This will help let in more sunlight and keep your sleeping plants fully nourished.

2. Easy on the Water, too.  In this Winter dormant state, your plants require much less water, so be careful.  Forego the “Keep the soil moist” summer mentality and let them fully dry out in between watering.  How would you like to walk around all day in wet socks . . . yuck.  Give the roots a chance to dry out in order to avoid root rot during the Winter months.  Now – keep in mind the humidity levels within your office.  Use the old tried and true weight method – pickup the pot and if it’s light, give it a drink.  Don’t rely on the top soil moisture levels.   There are always exceptions, so consult with your Carnation Cleaning specialist or local garden center.

3. A few more things to  consider.  Don’t let your office temperatures dip too much at night.  Most plants are comfortable down to about 60 degrees.  Keep plants away from cold drafts, like the front office foyer entrance.  Try to keep humidity levels between 40 to 50% – it’s good for your plants and your office staff as well.

It’s a lot to think about to maintain your office plants.  But, it’s important.  Your plants contribute to the emotional and healthy well being of your office staff.

Need help?  Call Carnation Cleaning at 973-984-2547 for a free no obligation quote to maintain your indoor plants or for any of your office maintenance needs.  We offer a wide variety of cleaning and maintenance services in the Morris County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County areas.

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