Who is Carnation Cleaning Corporation?

We think it’s important that industry leaders have confidence in the facilities maintenance  company to whom they entrust their alarm codes  and master keys.

When we began Carnation Cleaning Corpoperations in 1987 we were just a cleaning company emptying trash, vacuuming, and washing floors. It wasn’t long before we realized that simply wasn’t enough to meet our clients growing needs.

When clients’ fluorescent bulbs would burn out, they’d call an electrician, at a considerable added expense. Since we were already in the building, why couldn’t we provide that service! The same attitude was taken with washing and waxing of floors in cafeteria settings and community rooms.

Indoor plant care came about directly as a service to fulfill a need. Many of our clients had indoor plants with no schedule for feeding, watering, pruning, etc. So, from that need came our Plant care service, which is included in the general cleaning group.

Many clients did not understand the logistics of ordering, delivering, storage, and inventory of various standard office needs, ie; toilet paper, paper towels, soap, various sundry cleaning items, plus coffee, milk, etc.; so we provide that service as well. With accounts at various discount facilities, we take care of all of our clients’ needs in this regard.

Lastly, for those clients who have Board meetings, staff and management meetings ranging from 8 to 50 employees, we provide a unique Catering service. Our menu is what the client wants to serve and then, once determined, we set-up, serve, and clean-up after each event. We can serve either ‘soup to nuts’ or sandwich’s n such…..it’s up to the client and their needs.

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